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Name:John Constantine
When things fall apart, they do not put themselves back together again. But if you ask a demon to bring you some wine - or jiffy some up with a spell - well, you're cheating the taxman, aren't you? It comes for free. No grapes. No peasants. No entropy. So here we all are, then. Chasing the earthly paradise. Trying to sneak back into Eden through the back door, because work is for mug punters. You stupid, arrogant little shits. We're not playing fire - here we're playing with napalm. There's a war on, and we're whoring with the enemy for pennies. Innocent people die when we fuck up.

And we fuck up all the time.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Eden's a nice place. I was there a few months back. Left a piece of myself buried in the ground there, for reasons I won't go into. So I can tell you, God hates our kind most especially.

The cheats.
The Hellblazers.
The collaborators.

[ooc: Despite using a quote from the Hellblazer comics, this is the television series version of John Constantine. No infringement and so on.]
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